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Quality of product


Thanks to direct relationships with our suppliers of materials and the warranty of a product made in Italy, Esquise offers a selection of the highest quality products and authenticity guaranteed.

Before being offered for sale, all our products are subjected to rigorous checks to ensure that it meets our high quality standards.

All products are also re-checked carefully before they are shipped. Upon delivery of the goods, the customer's responsibility to check and verify that the products are intact and match what you ordered.


How do I place an order?


Placing an order on the site of Esquise is very simple. Select the products you want to buy on and add them to your virtual shopping cart.

Register to the site, enter your payment details and confirm your order. You will receive a confirmation email to the address indicated in the purchasing.

Our warehouse workers simultaneously receive your order and will prepare the package for shipment.

The package is then taken over by the carrier and part to ship to the address you indicated.

We only accept orders made on the site, there aren’t other ways to order our products.


What does means "out of stock"?


 If the desired product is no longer available you see "Out of stock", which indicates that the product is sold out. If you wish, you can notify us of your desire to buy it and, if possible, we'll try to replenish it and meet your needs.


Secure Payments


 All your purchases are transacted on by Pay Pal: the online payment system that gives top priority to security in the transaction management, ensuring the integrity and security of the transaction is to the consumer regarding the processing of data released on the Internet, both the merchant regarding the possibility of fraud. offers you the opportunity to pay for your products, even if you are not a registered user Pay Pal, simply by entering the details of your credit card you will be able to bring in terms of your purchase, and the entire business transaction will be guaranteed by Pay Pal.

In no way Esquise S.r.l. is aware of the data related to your account or your credit card associated with the account, since the communication is made directly with the PayPal server. We only receive confirmation of your payment directly by PayPal.


Shipping relies on the experience and efficiency of international carriers, leaders in the field of deliveries. Of receiving the taking charge of your order, you will receive your product as soon as possible, whether you live in Europe and abroad. offers, other, and the ability to follow your order throughout its journey. Using a simple trakking number, through the web portal of the courier, tyou can know he exact location of the package at any time.




You can make the products purchased within 10 working days from the date of delivery.

See here the conditions.




Esquise releases under and for the purposes of Directive 44/99/CE a legal guarantee on the product for non-compliance of the quality required in the contract of sale, in accordance with applicable law.




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